Remote and
Industrial Emergency
Solutions (RIES)

Remote and Industrial Emergency Solutions (RIES), provides a suite of bespoke products, which can be deployed as a stand alone service offering, or in combination. Through our experience, we acknowledge that priority needs vary across different worksites within the same organisation, so we understand the importance of partnering with a provider that is flexible and can tailor solutions to your unique requirements. While our products are designed to address specific challenges, they can be tailored and merged in various combinations to ensure our valued clients get exactly what they need.

Global consulting experience

Our team have been involved in numerous projects:

Our teams worldwide auditing experience

Our offerings

Emergency Services Network Audit (ESNA)

A sense check, quality audit and capability assessment of our client’s medical services network. Clinical governance and pressure check of local and regional rescue, emergency service networks, site medical services, clinic networks and inbound retrieval and assistance providers.

Emergency Response Plan Audit (ERPA)

Quality review and sense check our clients set of emergency response plans to ensure they meet operational requirements. Assess, review, and pressure test your emergency medical, rescue, evacuation, and major / incident disaster response plans to ensure our clients meet their duty of care.

Emergency Incident Management Operations Centre (EIMOC)

Help our clients design, install and test a
bespoke emergency operations centre
capability to support the effective
management and coordination of major
incident and disaster incidents.

On-Site Medical Services Audit (OMSA)

Evaluate and ensure our client’s onsite medical services meet international best practice and clinical governance standards. Review and quality check onsite clinic, ambulance, emergency response team and medical facilities. Ensure your site medical and rescue services are fit for purpose and meet local and regional requirements. Support our clients in starting new projects or moving existing medical assets to new locations.

Community Social Responsibility & Development (CSRD)

DART Solutions can help our clients identify and create effective community social responsibility development programs by targeting emergency services partnerships. We design sustainable and meaningful capacity development programs to enhance community fire, rescue and emergency medical response capabilities. Improved local response capacity benefits our most valued clients as well the communities they operate in.

Hybrid Solutions

Our team has extensive international experience supporting medical and emergency services projects, including the delivery of multidisciplinary services.  All our solutions are highly customisable to meet our clients’ specific requirements.   Using a consultative approach, baseline auditing and being attentive to your identified priorities and risks, we design and deliver specific tailored solutions to best meet your needs. Using elements of our existing products gives us the flexibility required to ensure your solution is the right fit for the environment in which it will be deployed.

DARTs subject matter experts are highly regarded with a proven operating capability to support both on and offshore operations in extreme environments to the highest industry standards.

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