Exercise Control

The Importance of Exercise Control

Exercise control, or emergency management, entails the planning and distribution of resources and roles in case of an emergency or disaster. An Emergency Management Plan (EMP) houses all the considerations and precautions necessary to handle all facets of a possible emergency, including preparation, response, mitigation and recovery.

Failing the avoidance of an emergency or disaster, the EMP should be actioned by the Emergency Controller, who determines which steps need to be undertaken under the specific emergency circumstances, as well as prioritises the relegation of roles, treatment of victims, distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other key decision making and implementation procedures.


In the newly released INSARAG Guidelines, version 2020, it has become compulsory for USAR Teams to have their own internal Exercise Control (EXCON) element. While this is a new inclusion into the INSARAG Guidelines, it is something that DART has been doing since its inception because having an internal EXCON element is a key contributor to sustainability.

Whether you are looking to develop an EXCON capability for a USAR team or for any other response team, that is able to design, develop, construct, run and debrief large-scale simulation exercises (SIMEX), DART is able to assist.

DART has a proven approach to developing the critical components of the EXCON team, including:

  • EXCON Director – Ultimate responsibility and oversight of the EXCON team.
  • EXCON Management – Responsibility and oversight for the various elements of a simulation exercise:
    • Event management
    • Administration
    • Command and Control
    • SIMEX developers – storyline, data, injects, taskings and information management
    • Logistics
  • EXCON Operations:
    • Scenario design
    • Construction
    • Running exercise scenarios

Strict instructor / participant ratios are applied to:

Let us assist you with exercise control.